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Xiaomi 11T Pro UNBOXING

Xiaomi 11T Pro: and this is the brand new Xiaomi 11T Pro, not the MI 11T Pro, it looks like Xiaomi, you’re not using the Mi
branding for this particular device.

But anyway, this is the latest flagship from Xiaomi coming in at a very competitive price.

And I believe this is one of the first videos in the world with this, so we thumbs up for your boy will be appreciated.

Let’s go ahead and get it unboxed, and see what it has to offer.

So the first thing that I can see right away is that it says, Xiaomi 11T Pro on the side.

And it also says, with easy access to the Google apps you use most.

So it looks like they’re making a point here that’s unlike some of the brands, we do have full Google Play support.

Right, so inside the box, we do get a SIM card tool.

There’s some paperwork, a clear case included out of the box, always a nice touch.

We’ve then got the 11T Pro, which we’ll come back to shortly, there’s a USB Type-A, USB Type-C cable as well
as a pretty large 120-watt charger.

Now, this is included out of the box, which is definitely considered a bit of a bonus these days, but more importantly, it’s
120 Watts, which is like what?

Five, six times faster than the typical charges that we get.

And here it is, I’ve got the Meteorite Grey color.

There’s also a Moonlight White as well as a Celestial Blue.

This kind of has a brushed finish, which does look quite nice.

It does attract fingerprints pretty quickly, however, because of the glossy finish and I’m told this is tempered glass, the back we’ve
got an aluminum frame, and then we’ve got Gorilla Glass Victus at the front.

Now, as far as I’m aware, there is no official IP water or dust resistant rating.

However, having a look at the SIM card tray, there is a rubber ring which tells me this is somewhat water-resistant.

I’m personally not going to be testing this on my review unit.

Right now, let’s take a look at the display.

So we’ve got relatively small bezels, so I’ve seen smaller and we’ve got a center punch out.

Now, this is a 6.67 inch full HD plus AMOLED display.

And it does have 120 Hertz refresh rate, making things really smooth.

And it also has up to a 480 Hertz touch sampling rate, which does make things super responsive.

1000 nits of peak brightness Dolby Vision support.

And it’s also got an A-plus rating from DisplayMate.

So when it comes to the display, it does take pretty much all the boxes.

It’s a very, very good display.

Now let’s take a quick look at the cameras.

So there is a 16-megapixel front-facing camera.

This only has up to 1080p HD support.

We don’t have a full key from the front-facing camera, but if we look at the rear-facing cameras, we’ve got a triple rear-facing camera set up.

Now the primary camera is a pretty large 108-megapixel sensor.

Xiaomi 11T Pro

Xiaomi 11T Pro on the hand
Xiaomi 11T Pro on the hand

This can record up to 8K video, and it also has 4K HDR10+ supports, which means you can get over a billion colors.

Now, something to keep in mind, whenever you’re shooting HD on a smartphone, is that to really appreciate that video, you’ll need a display that can support that HDR.

So it’s going to look great here on the display, but it’s going to depend on where you view that video too.

There’s an eight-megapixel ultra-wide camera, which has around a 120-degree angle of view.

And then there’s five megapixels, two times tele macro camera.

So this gives you two times optical zoom, but it’s also got a focus plane of between three to seven centimeters.

So this is going to be quite useful for your macro shots.

Now, this is five megapixels, which is not bad.

I mean, it could have been two megapixels, right?

But anyway, it looks like a promising camera setup here.

Now I know a lot of you guys would want to see a super south-style camera comparison, and I also know that I
haven’t been covering them as much as possible.

It’s mainly because they take me so long to make.

So if there is enough demand for a camera comparison of this, I’ll try to get working on one soon.

Definitely let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see a camera comparison of this, and also which device you’d like me to compare this against.

Right, Let’s take a look around this smartphone.

So on the left-hand side, we really don’t have anything on the right-hand side, there are the volume buttons, as well as the power button, which doubles up as a fingerprint scanner, it’s very fast.

At the bottom, there is a USB Type-C port.

There is the SIM card tray.

We’ve got space for two nano SIM cards in here.

And then we’ve got one of the two stereo speakers.

Now you’ll see that we do have the sound by Harman/Kardon logo, and the speakers do sound really good.

They also get quite loud and they do support Dolby Atmos.

Now I can also notice that what I think is a myoblast here at the top as well, which is pretty cool.

Right now, internally, this is powered by the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G chipset.

So you’ve got 5G supported and this is super fast, and snappy.

You’ve also got eight or 12 gigabytes of LPDR5 RAM, as well as either 128 or 256 gigabytes of UFS 3.1 storage.

And yeah, in terms of my experience, this has been very, very fast.

I don’t think you’re going to have any issues when it comes to speed, and for software, this is running Android
11 with MIUI 12.5 on top.

Right, now for the battery.

This has a dual-cell battery, which totals 5,000mAh.

So we’ve got a pretty large size.

The reason why we have dual cells is because of that 120-watt charger, as far as I understand, having those dual cells means that they can both be charged at once 60-watts each, which is what gives you that super fast charging.

Now, Xiaomi says that you can get from zero to 72% in just 10 minutes.

That is insane.

You can also go from zero to 100% in around 17 minutes.

As we know towards the end, things do trickle down a little bit, but nevertheless,72% in 10 minutes is absolutely awesome.

Now, unfortunately, there is no wireless charging supported, but then again, considering that you do get a 120-watt fast charger that’s included out of the box as well, I guess we can let Xiaomi off.

Now finally, pricing.

This comes in at a pretty competitive price, in my opinion.

It starts at 599 pounds in the UK.

That is for the base eight gigs of RAM with 128 gigabytes of storage version, and if you do spend 50 pounds more, you can get double the storage 256 gigabytes, still with eight gigs of RAM.

I believe the 12 gigabytes of RAM version is going to be for different markets.

And this will be available from the 24th of September.

What do you guys think of the Xiaomi 11T Pro?

Definitely let me know in the comments below, in my opinion,

I think for what this is offering for that price, it’s definitely quite impressive.

And it’s going to be very interesting to see what other devices we get in this price segment.

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is around the corner as well, so maybe we’ll do a comparison with that, at some point, I hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful.


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