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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Review

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus: The official invites for Unpacked have now been sent out, and we’ve had a lot of new leaks and rumors around the new Samsung Galaxy S devices.

The official date for Unpacked 2020 is the 11th of February, and that’s where we’re going to see the new Samsung Galaxy S devices, which I initially thought were going to be called the Samsung Galaxy S11s, especially because we have the February 11th date, but pretty much all leaks and rumors are saying that these are now going to be called the Samsung Galaxy S20s.

Why S20s?

Well, it seems like because we’re going to be in the new year, 2020, this would put it in line with that, as well as the fact that
the S20s are rumored to be a quite significant upgrade from the S10s.

For the sake of this video, we’re going to be calling these new Samsung Galaxy S devices the S20s.

Right now, let’s take a closer look at this invite.

The first thing you’ll notice is that we have two shapes.

Firstly, there’s a rectangular shape, instead of the A in Galaxy, and this is pretty much a given now, and that’s that we’re going to have a rectangular camera module on the new S20s.

This is a design that Samsung is adopting across their Galaxy devices.

If you look at the A51, the A71, the S10 Lite, as well as the Note 10 Lite, they all have the similar curved rectangular camera module, and this is exactly what we’re going to be seeing, as well, on the new S20s, it seems, but what’s even more interesting is the second shape, which is more of a rounded square, and it’s also tilted.

Now, from the renders that we’ve seen online, it looks like this is going to be the next foldable device from Samsung, which is also going to be announced at Unpacked, so unlike the current Samsung Galaxy Fold, which is a tablet device that folds into the size of a smartphone, this new foldable is going to be the size of a smartphone, which is going to fold in half, similar to what we’ve seen on the Motorola Razr.

Now, current rumors are saying that this is not going to be called the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 because it’s going to be very different.

Now, the code name for this was the Samsung Galaxy Bloom, but it looks like the final name for it will be the Samsung Galaxy Zed Flip or Z Flip.

This has been confirmed by reputable leaker Ice Universe.

Now, we have seen some leaked images of this second foldable device from Samsung, and it does look very, very promising.

The latest leaks are suggesting that this is going to be heavily targeted to the female market, which will be quite interesting,
a concept of a makeup set, which you can open up.

I’m not sure what you exactly call those because I don’t wear makeup.

Not all the time, anyway, but let’s go back to the S20 devices.

It looks like this here, again, we’re going to have three new Samsung Galaxy S devices.

There’s going to be a successor to the S10e, which is going to be called the S20, a successor to the S10, which will be called
the S20+, and finally, a successor to the largest S10+, which will be called the S20 Ultra.

Now, this new naming convention does seem to make sense.

It goes more in line with the different sizes of the devices, rather than an E out of nowhere, and we may also have a flat display for the S20,

with the S20+ and the S20 Ultra, with the curved displays that we have seen from Samsung before, but the most interesting and exciting part of these new devices displays will be that they are likely to have a 120 Hertz refresh rate across the board.

Now, this is going to make things very, very smooth.

It’s something that a lot of people wanted from Samsung last year.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

We had seen the likes of one-plus with 90 Hertz refresh rates, but Samsung still stuck to 60 Hertz for all of their flagship devices.

This year, it looks like they’re going to go ahead of the competition, and not only go to 90, but all the way to 120 Hertz, which is going to be super exciting, and I have no doubt that these are going to be some of the best, if not the best displays of 2020.

Now, from all of the leaks and rumors that we’ve seen, it looks like we’re going to have slightly smaller bezels compared to what we had last year, and a center punches out.

This is another design that Samsung is adopting across their devices.

Once again, if you look at the S10 Lite, as well as the Note 10 Lite, both have a center punch out.

This all started with the Note 10+ last year, and it looks like Samsung is also going to be adopting this for the new S20 devices this year.

Why have they not gone for a completely bezel-less, notch-less, punch-out-less design?

Well, it seems like maybe next year, we’re going to be seeing under-display camera technology, so maybe they’re just waiting for that to get a little bit better but for now, we’re going to be having the punch out with minimal bezels and 120 Hertz refresh rate.

Now, let’s talk a little bit more about the cameras.

So we have heard previously that Samsung will be including their new, massive, 108-megapixel sensor for the new S20s, but current rumors are suggesting that this is only going to be for the S20 Ultra, the top tier flagship.

The other two will have 12-megapixel cameras, however, they are going to have new, larger, and improved sensors, compared to last year, so there will still be an improvement, but it won’t be all the way up to 108 megapixels like we’ll have on the S20 Ultra.

Now, current rumors are pointing towards the S20 Ultra, at least, to have four or even up to five cameras, so we’re going to have at least primary, an ultra-wide, a telephoto, possibly a depth sensor.

We’re not sure what the fifth one might be, but what’s interesting is that for the S20 Ultra, we are likely to have a periscope zoom, which will give you much more optical zoom, compared to what we have right now, so that’s five times optical zoom, 10 times hybrid zoom, and much more digital zoom.

Periscope zoom technology is something that we did see last year, initially, with the Huawei P30 Pro, and it works really, really well to get you close into your subjects, however, it looks like this periscope technology will once again only be for the Ultra version, not
for the S20 and the S20+.

Another thing that might also just be for the S20 Ultra is the 8K video.

That’s right.

Crispy, 8K video, that’s going to be absolutely amazing, and the S20s are going to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipsets or the Exynos 990 series, both of which do support 8K video recording, and alongside that massive,

108-megapixel sensor, it looks like this might finally be the year where we’re going to get a full 8K video on smartphones, and
I’m very, very excited.

Now, in addition to that, we are also likely to see an improvement for the in-display fingerprint scanner.

Qualcomm has already shown us their new 3D Sonic Max technology, which has a 17 times larger area than we had last year, so
it’s going to make your device much easier to unlock, and it’s also got the capability of using two fingers at the same time, which will be making things a lot more secure.

Now, it’s not all good news.

I mentioned this before, but from all the leaks, rumors, and renders that we’re seeing, it looks like the new S20s will no longer have a 3.5 MM jack.

It’s finally the year to say, RIP to that, so that’s something that we’re going to have to get over, however, the good news is that we should be seeing the new Samsung Galaxy buds, which should be improved compared to last year, and also include active noise cancellation.

Now, in terms of the prices of the new S20s, of course, they’re going to be higher for the bigger models, like we’ve traditionally
seen, but we’re not sure of the specific pricing, as yet.

There will, however, be lots more leaks and rumors as we get closer to that Unpacked date, and I’ll be sure to do a final, full leaks and rumors roundup, and if you want to see that first.

So you don’t miss it.

Of course, after Unpacked, there’s going to be lots more coverage of the new S20s, so make sure you don’t miss that, too.

What do you guys think of the new S20s based on all of these recent leaks and rumors?

Are you excited?

Definitely let me know in the comments below.

I hope you enjoyed this articles, and found it useful.


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