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OPPO Color OS 11 Review

OPPO Color OS 11:OPPO has just announced ColorOS 11, based upon Android 11, and they wanted to partner with me to show you guys all of the new features,

So I’ve managed to get hold of the OPPO Find X2 Pro Lamborghini edition.

I’ve been wanting to get hold of this for such a long time.

It’s finally in the house and I’ve also managed to get a very early better version of ColorOS 11 on here.

So after we’ve got it on the box, we can look at all of the features.

So as you may know, the Find X2 Pro Lamborghini edition has been inspired by the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster.

And this theme is present throughout.

So you can see that we’ve got the black with the bronze highlights.

Check that out, just check how this box opens.

So cool.

All right. So we do have the phone, which we’re going to put to the side for a second while we see what else we get inside of the box.

So everything here is super-premium.

We do have the Lamborghini branding, there’s an eco-friendly microfiber leather case.

We’ve got the 65 Watts, super VU, 2.0 charger.

There’s a braided cable with that bronze color.

We’ve got a car charger with a carbon fiber texture.

There are some custom earphones, and then we have this exclusive warranty card.

Absolutely love the unboxing experience here.

Now getting to the smartphone, you’ll see that we’ve got a 3D rigid body with aerodynamic lines, which represent the contours of a supercar.

And then we’ve got a four-layer carbon fiber texture, which looks absolutely dope.

There’s the Lamborghini logo as well as a hexagonal camera frame.

Now, because this is based on the Find X2 Pro it’s got all of the features that we know and loves from the device.

So there are 120 huts, quite each deep plus display, which is super smooth.

A triple camera sets up with a 48-megapixel primary camera, as well as a 13-megapixel Periscope zoom camera.

And it is of course powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipsets with 12 gigabytes of RAM and 512 gigabytes of storage.

And because this is the Lamborghini, we do have a custom theme with custom icons that have sharp outlines and crisp edges.

Now, speaking of custom themes, this brings us on nicely to all of the customizations that we have with ColorOS 11.

So if you’re already familiar with ColorOS, you’ll know that we have lots of customization, not only on things like your wallpaper and your layout but also your icons.

You can really go in and have icons just the way you like.

So right now, of course, everything is based on the Lamborghini theme, but we can actually go ahead and select a different theme.

And then we can go ahead and customize all the different icons, including the style of the icons, the size of the icons, all the way down, how rounded we want the corners, as well as the size of the app names.

But in addition to that, we can also select different color themes.

So we’ve got 10 colors in five schemes and your selected theme can be applied to controls and the icons to ensure a consistent visual experience.

Then we also have further customizations to the always-on display.

The always-on display, something that I use a lot.

And in ColorOS 11, a blank panel is provided as your canvas.

And then you can select multiple customers patterns and choose everything from the color to how you want the time to be displayed as well as being able to choose if you want the date to be displayed, the battery info, notifications, there are also customization options for the fingerprint animation style, as well as font on one blase size.

So you really can make your OPPO device look just the way you want.

Now, of course, you can choose different wallpapers on pretty much all devices, but with ColorOS 11, you can upload your own photo.

Then it will use special algorithms to reorganize and analyze the colors and generate creative wallpapers of different styles, based on the photo reference.

Now let’s talk about the dark mode.

The dark mode is something that I pretty much use as defaults, but the dark mode is further revolved in ColorOS 11, and it offers three different color schemes with different levels of contrast.

So we’ve got enhanced medium as well as gentle to suit your style.

And you’ve also got an auto switch option, which will switch between light mode and dark mode at sunrise and sunset.

But you can go ahead and completely customize this to your specific times.

ColorOS 11 also comes with a custom ringtone maker.

So you can use the simple slide interface to get a ringtone that really suits your style.

Now let’s talk about OPO Relax.

So this was a feature that was introduced initially on ColorOS 7.

And it gives you free relaxing sounds, which is super useful if you just want to wind down or before you want to go to sleep.

But with ColorOS 11, you actually have a new version of OPPO Relax.

And this comes with a new feature sound mix.

Now, this pretty much lets you be your own DJ and you can select from a wide range of sounds, including nature, urban, SMR.

And OPPO has also partnered with Music City to record sounds from global cities like Tokyo, Bangkok, many more and they’ve turned them into pleasing soundscapes for the sound of City’s project.

Now, ColorOS 11 is based upon Android 11.

We’ve got lots of new features that have come with Android 11.

And one of the features that I definitely want to touch on is three-finger translate.

So you may already be aware of the three-finger screenshot method on ColorOS.

So if we just want to take a section of a screenshot, we can just tap down with three fingers and then drag.

But with ColorOS 11 Google lens is now incorporated.

So if we do want to translate something on the screen, we can just take a screenshot as we would do with three fingers and then we can just tap translate.

And we’ll use Google translate to live to translate whatever is on screen.

We’ve also a quick menu to control devices around your home.

So if we hold down the power button, you’ll see that as I’ve connected my Find X2 Pro to some of my Google home devices, I can easily control these right from this screen.

Now let’s talk about some of the battery optimization features.

So the first thing that we’ve got is super power saving.

So the super power-saving mode helps you extend your phone’s battery life at extremely low accuracy levels.

And you can have a maximum of six apps displayed on the home screen.

And based on tests performed by OPPO labs, a phone with a 5% battery can be used on WhatsApp for up to 90 minutes.

We’ve also got a battery guard feature, which will help with your battery life in the long run.

So traditionally we tend to leave our smartphones on charge before we get to sleep and the smartphone will get to 100% very quickly and stay there throughout the night, which isn’t great for the battery life over time.

Now, with battery guard, you can have optimized night charging and this will learn your time watching habits and only charge up to 80% at night and then charge all the way to 100% roughly about the time that you wake up.

Now ColorOS 11 also supports a nearby share.

So you can quickly and easily share files with other devices that have Android 11.

And we also have people bubbles, which integrate messages sent from your friends on different apps in the upper part of the notification drawer to help you quickly reply to them.

Now with app lock, you can’t secure applications so that they can’t be opened by anybody and they will require a password or your fingerprint or facial recognition to get into.

But with ColorOS 11, there’s actually a shortcut in the quick settings to enable this with one tap.

And with Android 11, we do get lots more control over privacy and permissions.

One of these is the one-time permission option.

So when you do open an app for the first time, it will ask you, do you want to grant access to maybe your camera, your audio while using the app or only this time?

if you do select only this time, when you close the app, those commissions will be reset.

There’s also an auto-reset permission option.

So if there’s an app that hasn’t been used in a long time, the app permissions for the app will be automatically reset.

And finally, we have scoped storage.

OPPO Color OS 11

So apps can only access their own data and require the user’s permission in order to access the foreman’s data.

For example, photos, videos, and audio files.

This will prevent malicious apps from accessing other apps’ data.

Now for the game is out there ColorOS 11 brings gamer mode.

These block calls, social media notifications and limits gestures and operations that can disrupt your gameplay.

OPPO is also fully opening up its system capabilities, including camera AI and more.

And this will mean that developers of third-party apps will be able to take off the capabilities of OPPO smartphones, such as the ultra-wide camera, ultra steady video shooting as well as video HDR.

Now, there are some features that will be coming in a little bit later, such as a private system, which will provide a private space to ColorOS 11 users.

And this will allow you to create a copied system where your apps and your data are completely separate from the original one and can only be accessed by a separate fingerprint or password.

There’s also going to be a flex crop, which makes multitasking much easier.

And flex crop would allow you to have a small or mini window active while you are going through other apps.

And OPPO has also introduced UI First 2.0 and this combines reducing technology with quantum animation, and by doing so, the RAM utilization is boosted by 45% response rate is improved by 32%.

And the frame rates stability by 17%.

And that is ColorOS 11 with all of its new features on the OPPO Find X2 Pro Lamborghini edition.

But of course, it is going to be rolled out to many more devices.

If you do want to find out more about ColorOS 11, then I’ll be leaving a link down below.

What do you think about ColorOS 11 and all of its new features?

Do drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Personally, I’m super excited that OPPO is working hard behind the scenes to bring us the latest Android updates as soon as possible.

I hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful.


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