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Huawei Mate 20X 5G Review

Huawei Mate 20X 5G Review: And today, we’re gonna be spending the day in London with the Huawei Mate 20X 5G.

Big thanks to Huawei for getting this device to me and partnering with me for this video.

Now 5G is rolling out across the U.K. as you may already know.

But currently, one of the hotspots for 5G is in London.

So not only will we be taking a look at all of the features of this device, but we’ll also get a chance to test out its 5G capabilities.

A quick stop here at the YouTube Space in London.

I just need to catch up with some emails and find the route that I’m gonna be taking today.

I’ve also got a quick meeting that I need to head to, right now.

Meeting’s now done, and one thing that I really did appreciate about the Mate 20X 5G is the 7.2 inch OLED display.

It meant that I didn’t need a tablet or a laptop.

While I was in my meeting, I could just make notes directly onto here, and it was super, super convenient.

Now let’s head to Central London.

We just stopped for some food.

One thing I do like about the Mate 20X is the fingerprint scanner at the back.

It’s so fast and so accurate.

And although I do like in-display fingerprint scanners, this is a lot more convenient cause your finger just naturally rests there.

You don’t have to go around, looking for it.

So we’re gonna be going on to the underground where there is no network coverage.

And to get some entertainment while we’re down there, I’m gonna download a few episodes on 5G.

They literally download in seconds at the best quantum settings, thanks to the Mate 20X 5G.

The Mate 20X 5G has the same triple light and camera setup as we’ve got on the Mate 20 Pro.

Huawei Mate 20X 5G Review

And that means that you’ve got a lot of versatility within the same package.

You’ve got the primary 40-megapixel camera which should be good for most of your shots.

But then, you’ve got what’s my personal favorite, and that’s the 20 megapixels ultra-wide.

T his lets you get so much more into your shots and also allows for some very interesting images.

And on top of that, you have an eight-megapixel telephoto camera which is gonna give you up to three times optical zoom.

But it can also give you five times hybrid zoom which uses a combination of optical as well as digital zoom.

This lets you get in, very close to your subjects.

What I really like about the Mate 20X 5G is the 7.2-inch display.

This acts like a big viewfinder and really lets you see your shots before you take them.

Just here with my friend Baz.

And a feature that I really like on the Mate 20X 5G is Huawei Share.

This basically allows you to almost instantly share files, images, videos with somebody else that has a Huawei phone.

Now another big advantage of 5G is no buffering.

If you are watching a video, then you’re gonna be able to stream the video, skip through, and you’re not gonna have to really wait.

I absolutely love that.

The Mate 20X 5G is powered by the Kirin 980 Chipset with eight gigabytes of RAM.

So it’s more than capable for gaming and lots of other tasks.

I’ve been using it all day, and it’s been super smooth and snappy.

If you do wanna download games while you’re on the move, then with 5G, you’re gonna be able to do that very, very quickly.

It’s starting to get dark now.

One thing that I really like about the Mate 20X 5G is that it’s got Huawei’s night mode.

This takes multiple exposures in low-light situations to give you really good low-light shots.

So this does a very, very good job with it.

Right, it’s time to head back home now.

It’s been a fun day with the Huawei Mate 20X 5G.

Used it a lot, lots of 5G testing, and we’re still around 27% which is pretty good.

Having that larger display, I gotta say, does help watching videos, gaming.

You really do get immersed into that display.

If you wanna pick up the Mate 20X 5G or find out more, there’s gonna be a link in the description below.

I hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful.


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